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We customize our products to order

Discover how we can customize your steel needs & get started on your new project with ADE today! 

    • Vinyl Patch Tape (patch for seam)

    • Double Faced Tape

    • Reinforced Insulation Roll

Product Description

With ADE's cutting-edge insulation solutions, your steel or metal roof will not only provide exceptional structural support but also excel in energy efficiency. Our range of insulation materials ensures optimal thermal performance, reducing heat transfer and creating a comfortable environment while maximizing cost savings.

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Vinyl Patch Tape 

Tri-directionally reinforced, black metalized polypropylene film/scrim/kraft facing tape coated with a cold weather acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive.​ It is designed for use as a vapor seal for faced insulation. This type of tape is used to patch between two rolls of insulation, and is attached over the seam of the insulation rolls.

Double Faced Tape

ADE Steel’s Double-Faced Tape is a high performance tape with a polyester backing and acrylic adhesive. This tape bonds to a wide variety of metals, high surface energy plastics and composite materials. This tape is used to patch the insulation to the metal roofing or metal surfaces. It is engineered for demanding bonding applications and is designed to feature excellent UV and temperature resistance.

Reinforced Insulation Roll

Insulation for metal buildings brings a variety of advantages, such as: 

  • stopping condensation 

  • preventing heat transfer

  • stopping air transfer

  • decreasing external/internal sound transfer

  • doesn’t support rodents, bugs, or birds

  • installs easily

  • acts as a vapor barrier

  • doesn’t promote mold or mildew growth


  • Available in 100 ft rolls (6 ft wide and 3 in thick)

  • Type: R10

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