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Composite Deck

Metal Deck

    • 1.5 " Composite Deck

    • 2" Composite Deck

    • 3" Composite Deck

    • All Composite Decks provide 36” coverage

    • All Composite decks have embossments and special lap nesting detail to bond concrete and provide a composite floor system.

    • All 3 options are available in Gauges: 18, 20, and 22, with finishes in Galvanized G60 and G90.

    • 1.5” Composite Deck - rib height of 1.5”, with 6 major ribs each having a 6” distance from center to center.

    • 2” Composite Deck - rib height of 2”, with 3 major ribs each having a 12” distance from center to center.

    • 3” Composite Deck - rib height of 3”, with 3 major ribs each having a 12” distance from center to center. This allows designers increased space between structural members.

ADE Steel has additional deck panels available, please complete the quote form below or call us at 713-699-3708 to inquire about custom parts and quotes for your construction project.

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Composite decks are superior because they add structural strength to your floors without adding extra weight. 

Composite decking is the most common type of deck when structural concrete is to be poured over it. This is largely because it bonds well with this material and can enhance the strength after the pour cures to a point where it's significantly greater than the strength of each individual part. For this reason, composite decking is often used on elevated floor systems in multi-story buildings. Composite decking comes in 1.5, 2, and 3-inch depths, and is also available in a range of gauges and finishes. 

Product Description


  • Compared to the 1.5”, ADE Steel’s 2” composite deck is much stronger. It can hold up thicker concrete slabs, and is most often used for medium to long span applications in outdoor flooring.

  • ADE Steel’s 2" composite metal deck spans greater distances than shallower deck as its 2" deep rib provides space for reinforcing materials such as rebar or wire mesh.


  • ADE Steel’s 3” composite metal deck is the deepest and most durable type of composite floor deck that is widely used in construction. It is typically used for long span applications in flooring.


  • The ADE 1.5 inch Composite Deck, is used for applications in outdoor flooring. It is the lowest profile type of composite deck, and is best used for short span applications.

  • Composite metal floor deck has embossments designed to interlock with concrete slabs. This results in a concrete slab that serves the dual purpose of permanent form, and positive reinforcement.

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