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For every product that isn't off-the-shelf, ADE Steel can tap its state-of-the-art equipment to make custom products precisely to customer specifications.

We make custom trim order.

Hause Detail Map



WE MAKE CUSTOM TRIM TO ORDER. Please see examples below.

Box Gutter

Box Rake Trim

Cap Trim

Carport Rake For Purlin

Commercial Flat Ridge Cap

Corner Boxes for Sculptured Rake

Door Head Trim

Door Jamb Trim


Downspout Kickout

Downspout Strap

End Caps for Box Rake

End Caps for Sculpted Rake 

Flat Ridge Cap

Flat Sheet

Gutter Strap

Hang On Sculptured Gutter

Inside Sculpted Corner

Peak Box For Sculptured Rake

Peak Sheet Trim

Pitch Break

Purlin Cap

Sculptured Corner

Sculptured Gutter

Sculptured Gutter End Cap

Sculptured Low & High Side Eave Trim

Sculptured Rake Trim

Scupper Kickout

Standard Eave Trim

Standard Gutter

Standard Gutter End Cap

Standard High Side Eave

Standard Rake

Stepped Ridge Cap W-Hems

Transition Trim

Valley Trim

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