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Form Deck

Metal Deck

    • 9/16 inch

    • 1 inch

    • 1.5 inch

    • Form deck comes in 26, 24, and 22 gauge.

    • Finishes: G-60, G-90  

    • 9/16 inch form deck is the lowest profile form deck. 

    • This form deck supports the least amount of weight out of all widely used decks, but it is also the least expensive, making it a common choice for many contractors.

Product Description

Form deck is an ideal choice for floor construction because it offers a cost-effective form to keep concrete slabs in place while they are being erected.


Form decking is a non-composite type of decking, which excels at holding the concrete in place during the pour and while the pour cures. Unlike composite decking, form decking won't add strength to the finished product. In other words, it won't bond with the concrete as composite decking will. However, it does not need to be removed after the pour is complete. It's best used as a foundation for floors, stairways or mezzanine areas.

ADE Steel has additional deck panels available, please complete the quote form below or call us at 713-699-3708 to inquire about custom parts and quotes for your construction project.

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Our 1 inch form deck supports more weight than 9/16 inch (0.6 C), but it is not the most durable type of form deck we have available.


1.5 inch form deck is the deepest of all types of form deck. It can hold up a much larger weight than the 9/16 or 1 inch form deck, making it an incredibly sturdy choice.

9/16” (0.6)” FORM DECK 

ADE Steel’s 0.6 C form deck provides a strong, secure, and stay-in-place form for poured concrete applications. Installation is fast, easy and economical. 0.6 C form deck is designed to serve as a permanent steel base for poured reinforced concrete floor slabs. 

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