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Roofing Components


We customize our products to order

Discover how we can customize your steel needs & get started on your new project with ADE today! 

    •  Universal Round Base Pipe Flashing 

    • Die Formed Transition

    • Die-Formed Ridge Cap

Product Description

Discover our comprehensive selection of high-quality roofing components that are essential for a durable and reliable roofing system. At ADE we offer a range of products designed to enhance the performance and longevity of your roof. With our top-notch roofing components, you can rest assured that your roof will be well-equipped to withstand the elements and provide superior protection for your property.

Can't find what you're are looking for?

Die Formed Transition

Safeguard your metal building against the effects of unwanted moisture with die formed flashing from ADE Steel. Engineered with angles that direct moisture away from building joints, windows, vents and other areas prone to leaks, metal flashing is a simple and inexpensive solution for your metal buildings. Die-formed transition flashing is corrugated to match the profile of the metal roofing panel. 


  • Available in 10' 5" R or U Panel by 3’ foot length 

  • Available in Galvalume and in great colors, please see ADE Color Chart.  

Trim is non-returnable.All trim orders normally have a 24-hour turn around.

*Some Exceptions apply

Universal Round Base Pipe Flashing 

Universal round base pipe flashing is a simple solution to flashing a penetration through a metal roof. Pipe flashing comes labeled with its corresponding diameter and is marked with dimensions to allow easy sizing to fit each application. The aluminum insert allows the pipe boot flashing to conform to any panel configuration and/or roof pitch. It has resistance to ultraviolet rays, cracking & weathering, and can be used in up to a 45-degree pitch.


#1- Fits Pipe Sizes 1/4" to 2-1/2" (6MM to 63MM)

  • Base Diameter: 3-1/4" (82MM)


#3-Fits Pipe Sizes: ¼" to 5" (6.4MM to 127MM)

  • Base Diameter: 7.74" (196.6MM)


#5- Fits Pipe Sizes: 4¼" to 7¾" (107.95MM to 196.85MM) 

  • Base Diameter: 10.50" (273.1MM)


#7- Fits Pipe Sizes: 6" to 11" (152.4MM to 279.4MM)

  • Base Diameter: 14.6" (370.8MM)


ADE stocks additional sizes of universal round pipe flashing, give us a call to find out more!

Die-Formed Ridge Cap

Ridge caps are the most critical step in enclosing a steel building roof system. Running along the peak of the roof, metal roof ridge caps connect the two adjoining steel roof panels on either side of the roof seam.


  • Available in 3ft & 26ga

  • “PBR” and “PBU” - Maximum roof slope is 5:12

  • 7.2 Maximum roof slope is 3:12

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