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    • Butyl Tape Seal 

    • Tube Sealant

Product Description

Sealants are important components of a metal roof system that can impact and improve the overall roof performance. Some sealants are applied underneath metal components and hidden from view while others are designed and applied with aesthetics in mind because they can also help improve the appearance of a roof.  In all cases, sealants need to be properly applied to be effective, so installation is key for optimal system performance.

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Butyl Tape Seal

Butyl tape seal used for a variety of applications.

*Please see the table below for available dimensions.


  • Width:  1”  Thickness: 3/32” Length 25’

  • Width: ⅜” Thickness: 3/32” Length 45’

Tube Sealant

Non Butyl sealants are always applied to metal-to-metal connections in areas that may be prone to water intrusion. Their sole purpose is to prevent the intrusion of water between two pieces of metal. 

Simply placing butyl sealant between the two panels improves weather tightness.

* Prolonged exposure to UV light (sunlight) will degrade the sealant, so butyls are not intended for applications that leave the sealant exposed to nature’s elements. 

Non Butyl Sealants are commonly used in metal roofing details, such as:

  • Panel side-laps

  • Panel end-laps

  • At eave conditions

  • Valleys

  • Ridges

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