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Wave Panel


    • Wave Fixed: Panel Lengths 40’ or less; utilizes concealed fastening flange

    • Wave Floating: Used for panel lengths greater than 40’; utilizes a clip

    • Gauge: 24ga, 22ga

    Available in Galvalume and in great colors. Please see the ADE Color chart .

Product Description

When specifications call for a textured wall design without visible fasteners, the Wave Panels offer an excellent solution.


Wave Floating is installed standard horizontally utilizing hidden clips and fasteners for panel lengths greater than 40', resulting in a monolithic and aesthetically pleasing appearance. Wave Fixed, also installed horizontally, is installed with an integral fastening flange that is roll-formed into the panel during the manufacturing process and can be utilized for panel lengths of 40' or less. Wave Fixed requires a specific clip that is used as a starter panel that attaches to the base trim.

ADE can customize this product tailored to each client, dimensions are available to meet your desired project needs. Please complete the quote form below, or call us at 713-699-3708 to inquire about custom parts and quotes for your construction project’s needs, and schedule your order!

Can't find what you're are looking for?

ADE WAVE-16 (Without Flange)

  • WAVE (floating)

  • 16” Coverage

ADE WAVE-16 (With Flange)

  • WAVE (fixed)

  • 16” coverage

  • *Cut to length


  • 12” coverage

  • *Cut to length


  • 8” Coverage

  • *Cut to length

We customize our products to order

Discover how we can customize your steel needs & get started on your new project with ADE today! 

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