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Fasteners & Screws

Metal Components

We customize our products to order

Discover how we can customize your steel needs & get started on your new project with ADE today! 

    • Lap Screws - sheet metal or trim to sheet metal

    • Tek Screws - sheet metal to structural steel

    • Wood Screws - sheet metal to wood

    • Rivets - Metal trim to metal trims.

    • Concrete Fasteners

    • Tek, Lap, wood screws and Rivets available in multiple colors to match roofing panel color.

    • Tek & wood screws and rivets come in 250 units/bag. 

    • Please see ADE Color Chart 

Product Description

Carbon steel self-drillers are used for all metal-to-metal applications. Teks Roofing Screws provide secure metal-to-metal fastening with strong holding power, without the need to pre-drill. Our drillers have a tapered compression point and flat-top design, which combines the under-cut hex washer heads with EPDM sealing washers. 


Wood grip screws are metal-to-wood fasteners designed to self-drill metal panels and tap into the wood beneath. Our 1/4" hex head wood grips provide quick engagement and exceptional pull-out strength. 

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Tek 5

Tek Screws

Lap -Tek Screws

Wood Grip Screws

Stainless Steel Rivets

Hex Head Lag Screws

One-Way Law Screws

Phillips Pan Head Screws

Torx Tamper - Screws


Concrete Fasteners

All Thread Rod

Tapper Concrete Anchor Screws

Sleeve Expansion Anchor

Wedge Expansion Anchor

Nail in Anchor

All Thread Coupling

Wedge Bolt


Foundation Bolt

Short Spike

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