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Structural Steel

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    • Standard Channel

    • Miscellaneous Channel

    • Hexagonal Bar

    • A-36

    • A572-50

    • A588

Product Description

Steel Channels, also known as  C-channels, have a cross-section that consists of a wide "web", with two "flanges" at each side of the web.

Channels or C-beams are often used where the flat side of the web can be mounted to another flat surface for maximum contact area. Channels are also available in: Stainless Steel, Aluminum and Galvanized. Dimensions and specifications will vary according to the customer's needs.

Can't find what you're are looking for?

ADE STEEL can saw cut channels to any size necessary to meet the customer’s need. A thinner channel can be punched to your specifications.

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Standard Channel


  • Inside flange surfaces have approximately 16-2/3% slope

  • Generally specified by the width of the web and weight per foot

  • Widths: 3” to 15”

  • Weight: 3.5# to 50# per foot

  • Lengths: 20’ to 50’

Miscellaneous Channel


  • Miscellaneous or ship channels, have flanges that are generally thicker than their webs, and thus have higher static values.

  • Flanges have a consistent thickness

  • Widths: 3” to 18”

  • Weight: 7.1# to 58# per foot

  • Lengths: 20’ to 50’

Bar Channel


  • Generally used for railing bases, or to make non-structural items such as fences.

  • Widths: 1” to 2-1/2”

  • Thickness: 1/8” and 3/16”

  • Length: 20’

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