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Diamond Stair Steps


    • Custom Metal Pan Stairs

    • Diamond Aluminum Plate – Manufacturer, Supplier

    • High Quality Aluminum Tread Plates

Product Description

ADE Steel can create custom steps depending on the client’s specific needs. Diamond plate can be used for various purposes. It is usually steel, Stainless steel and aluminum. 


Diamond Stairs can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications. The diamond plates are used in safety applications as they help reduce slips and falls because of its amazing tread. 

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Diamond Steel Floor Plate Stair Steps

  • Material: ⅛” diamond steel floor plate  (11” BOCA”)

Steel Tread Angle

  • For mounting concrete steps to stair stringers 

  • Dimensions: 3”x2”x 3/16” x 8” long

Customer Made Stair Step Risers

Material: ⅛” diamond steel floor plate  ( 11” BOCA”)

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