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Structural Steel

We customize our products to order

Discover how we can customize your steel needs & get started on your new project with ADE today! 

    • Standard pipe sizes from 1/8” up to 36”

    • Wall thickness: Schedule 10 thru XXH

    • Welded & Seamless Pipe

    • Lengths from 21’ to 42’. 

    • Uncoated and Galvanized

  • A513, A53-A, A53-B, A106-B, API 5L-X42, X52

Product Description

A pipe is a tubular section or hollow cylinder used mainly to carry substances which can flow, usually liquids and gases (fluids). They are often used in structural applications as a hollow pipe is far stiffer than a solid piece of the same weight.

Commonly, the words “tube" and “pipe” are usually interchangeable, but they are actually different things.  Pipe is used to convey liquids while tubing is used in structural applications.

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