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Gate & Door Hardware

Metal Components

    • Casters

    • Cantilever Gate Rollers

    • V-Groove Wheels, Track & Boxes

    • Gate Rollers & Roller Guides

Product Description

Gate and Door Hardware are the components needed to attach and operate your decorative iron gate.

The hard rubber casters we offer are economically priced and work great for most applications. They work well in outdoor or indoor environments and roll well over small debris, rough floors, cracks, and floor joints. These offer higher weight capacities compared to soft rubber. Cantilever gate rollers are an easy, reliable, and highly effective way to open sliding chain link gates. With their metal-and-nylon design, they're extremely functional and durable and with one of these rollers installed, stress on a gate opener is greatly alleviated. V-Groove Wheels are attached to the bottom of a sliding gate and are designed to roll on top of a structured angle. We carry V-groove wheels and boxes in a variety of sizes and weights.

ADE Steel offers both Rubber Guide Rollers and Overhead Guide Wheels (Trolley wheels). Rubber rollers are attached vertically to the top of posts on each side of a rolling gate to help stabilize it from tipping over. They are sold individually but installed in pairs. They can be bolted but are more typically welded to the post. Trolley  Wheels are all metal with ball bearings and typically run inside a piece of square tubing that has a slot cut in it. They have a threaded rod that hangs down and attaches to the gate or door.

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Multi-Purpose Casters

Multi-Purpose Casters witth Stop

Cast Iron Industrial Mini Cantilever Roller

General DUty Steel Gate Roller

Safety Roller Cover

We customize our products to order

Discover how we can customize your steel needs & get started on your new project with ADE today! 


V-Groove Wheels, Track & Boxes

Steel "V" Groove Wheels

Cast Iron "V" Groove Wheels

Slide Gate "V" Groove Track

Boxes for "V" Groove Wheels


Gate Rollers & Roller Guides

Rubber Roller Guides

Trolley Wheels

Roller Guides

Slide Gate Trolley

Lower Guide Roller

Nylon Roller Guides

Standard Duty Sliding Door Track

Gate Spring Roller

Heavy Duty Spring Gate Caster

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Cantilever Gate Rollers

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